Workshop Materials


DAY 1: 01 NOVEMBER 2018

09h20 – 10h20-Plenary 1
DEBATE ON EXCESSIVE PRICING, Should prices thought to be excessive be addressed through competition law enforcement? If competition law is not appropriate how should governments address concerns about excessive prices?


10h40 – 12h00-Plenary 2
How should competition agencies that address excessive pricing cases evaluate such conduct? What remedies may be appropriate if there is a finding of excessive pricing?


12h00 – 13h30 – Breakout Sessions
Assessing Excessive Prices


14h30 – 15h40-Plenary 3
Applying ICN good practices on Rebates


16h00- 17h30 – Breakout Sessions


DAY 2: 02 NOVEMBER 2018

09h30 – 10h40 – Plenary 4
Applying ICN good practices on Exclusive Dealing Arrangements


10h40 – 11h00 – Breakout Sessions
Exclusive Dealing Arrangements


13h30- 15h00 – Breakout Sessions
Predatory Pricing


15h20 – 16h30 – Plenary 5
Applying ICN Recommended Practices on Predatory Pricing